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Three lion cubs born at Zoo Zacango
05/09/2013 Source: Office of Media and Communication

• The lion cubs were born on June 1, 2013 and are two females and one male.

• In the 33 years of the zoo there have been 50 births in this species, although the site does not have a tropical climate.

Calimaya, Mexico, September 5, 2013 – Zacango Zoo is celebrating the birth of three African lions. Two females and one male 1of occurred last June, showing that this site has the necessary conditions and qualified personnel to promote the reproduction of threatened or endangered.

“Today, we have a very important message, that causes us much happiness, with a major birth, three African lions. The Government of Mexico is very pleased that this space has seen the birth of many important species endangered, throughout this year, as they call us a zoo high, because despite the height and weather conditions, we had the birth of tropical species, “said Ana Sofia Manzur, coordinator of the zoo.

At a press conference, said that with these three cubs are in good health conditions, he added 50 births of this species in Zacango, although the site does not have a tropical climate, making each year can be played since its opening 33 years ago.

He said the African lion pups whose parents were also born in this zoo and are on display, it was fed by veterinarians with special milk, which allowed them to gain weight; currently consume chicken and special supplements for feline every three hours, to achieve normal growth, and toys are offered to strengthen your teeth and tusks, which has made them sleep with caregivers.

Ana Sofia Manzur added that in this site, it has a herd composed of five lions, two males and three females, and it is expected that the growth of these new offspring can form a new, which are joined by Tabata, lioness born in February this year.

They invite us name the puppies

The coordinator explained that Zacango Zoo, from this day until October 18, will open a drawing contest for the State of Mexico from 4 to 12 years old, put name to three lion cubs.

He explained that participants should deliver in a letter size paper, a drawing made with free technique, where the life of the African lion show and display the name you would put each, explaining why it.

Papers must be delivered at the offices of the zoo or scanned email with the full name of the participant, age, address, phone numbers and email parents.

Ana Sofia Manzur said that the three most original stories and drawings, to whom will be given a prize pack that includes a VIP tour with the families of the winners will be awarded by the zoo.

More information at:
Zoo Zacango Facebook: / ZoologicoZacango
Twitter: / zoozacango

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Estado de México

Inicia instalación de cableado eléctrico subterráneo en Toluca
04/09/2013 Source: Office of Media and Communication

• The underground wiring center of Toluca cost 36 million pesos, contributed equally by the CFE, the state and local government

• This work will create a nice visual impact, affect the continued trimming trees and be more secure electricity service.

Toluca, Mexico, September 4, 2013 -. The Government of Mexico, in coordination with the city of Toluca and the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), replaced by overhead wiring underground historic center of the capital with a mexiquense investment, tripartite, 36 million pesos to improve the city’s image as well as the electrical service for the benefit of the citizens and merchants of the first picture of the city.

Secretary of Education and Chairman of the Regional Office XIII Toluca, Raymundo Martinez Carbajal, launched the work of this work, together with the municipal president, Martha Hilda González Calderón and manager of the Valley of Mexico CFE South Division Mario Morales Vielmas.

In the presence of the secretary of Water and Public Works, Manuel Ortiz Garcia, Raymundo Martinez explained that this is a work that not only change the city’s image, but will improve the electricity service and give an aspect of modernity to the city .

He recalled that in the remodeling of the Historic Center is investing more than 100 million pesos by the municipality and the state government, as well as several instances, as in this case the CFE.

For his part, Mayor Martha Hilda González emphasized the participation in the work of established residents and businesses in the area, who will be the main beneficiaries, noting that authorities and society work together in a variety of tasks, such as rescue and public spaces improvement of living conditions in the city.

In turn, the manager of the CFE said rewiring benefit 15 thousand inhabitants, 40,000 to 50,000 pedestrians daily and up to 100 thousand on weekends, but mostly will generate a nice view; will affect the continued trimming trees, beat down the chances of accidents and provide greater certainty in the service of electricity supply.

The work will be completed in February 2014 and is without affectations to equipment and furniture.
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Eruviel Ávila Villegas

Governor inaugurates the courthouse in Chalco
9/12/2013 Source: Office of Media and Communication

• The governor announced that the local legislature to propose an initiative to carry out the change in 7 of the 18 judicial districts of the State of Mexico.

• In Amecameca working trip, inaugurated the building of the Judicial District Courts of Chalco, resident in this county; Plaza Mexico State; the dome and playgrounds equipment of the Sports Unit and Hemodialysis Unit of General Hospital Valentín Gómez Farías.

Amecameca, Mexico, September 12, 2013 -. Governor Eruviel Ávila Villegas announced that the local legislature to propose an initiative to carry out the redistribution of municipalities in 7 of the 18 judicial districts of the State of Mexico, with the aim of bringing mexiquenses justice those that require addressing geographical issues, roadway and infrastructure of each locality.

“It is proposed to make a redistribution of municipalities to different judicial districts of our organization, with the aim of bringing to justice those who demand it. This is because of geography, infrastructure, so we will soon be presenting the initiative, “he said.

Eruviel Avila explained that this project, which originated at the request of some mayors and citizens themselves, and working in coordination with the President of the High Court of Justice of the entity, Baruch Delgado Carbajal, that, if you can present the initiative jointly between the Executive and the Judiciary of the State of Mexico.

He explained that the covered districts are Ecatepec, El Oro, Ixtlahuaca, Otumba, Sultepec, Temascaltepec and Texcoco, which would be formed in new ways to benefit the residents of the municipalities of Tecámac, San José del Rincón, Teotihuacan and Amatepec, currently have to travel to points that are furthest them, so that the new order will facilitate procedures.

He said this while inaugurating Eruviel Ávila, along with the president of the Superior Court of the State of Mexico, the building of the Judicial District Courts of Chalco, residing in Amecameca, it will speed up the process and provide higher quality decisions in civil, commercial and family matters, improving responsiveness in 10 municipalities in the Eastern region of the State of Mexico, and thus have more mexiquenses protected.

For new installations, where 95 percent of people working is a native of the region, the Fifth Court, which will relieve the overload of cases in the Third Civil Court of first instance, which received 400 cases during 2000 was created last year.

“A guiding principle that drives the Government of Mexico is to have a Protected Society, in which all members have access to safety and fair and equitable justice, because in each case there is a family with a history of life, them justice is not a word, but is a requirement that comes from their hearts, and also requires speed, but above all, want certainty, “he said.

The new Courts building is located on land with an area of ​​more than six thousand square meters donated by the Government of the State of Mexico, on behalf of the municipalities of Amecameca, Atlautla, Ayapango, Ecatzingo, Juchitepec, Ozumba, Temamatla, Tenango Air, Tepetlixpa and Tlalmanalco.

The Mexican governor reiterated the support of his government for the judiciary, from the scope of its competence, work together in a sphere of institutional respect and strengthen the administration of justice in the state.

, Chairman of the Judiciary, Baruch Delgado Carbajal highlighted the commitment of Governor Eruviel Ávila with the law, and said that this instance is determined to bring their services to the State of Mexico in this region of the state, providing a warmer, more human attention.

With the opening of these facilities function administration of justice in civil, family and commercial matters is strengthened, allowing access to justice, since the purpose is that the issues are resolved under the principles of legality, objectivity and impartiality, as well quality and speedy, he said.

Were present Aaron Bedolla Urbina, Chairman of the Board of Political Coordination of Local LVIII Legislature; Carlos Santos Amador, mayor of Amecameca; and the Secretaries of Transportation and Public Works Water and Ismael Mancilla and Manuel Ordóñez García Ortiz, respectively.

In this work tour, the governor also inaugurated the Plaza Mexico State this town, the dome and playgrounds equipment of the Sports Unit, in order to promote actions that contribute to promoting family life, prevent crime and rebuild the social fabric; also put into operation the Hemodialysis Unit of General Hospital Valentín Gómez Farías.
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TargetRecruit to Participate as Exhibitor at Staffing Industry Analysts Healthcare Staffing Summit in Dallas, Texas from September 8-10, 2014

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) July 24, 2014

TargetRecruit, a leading provider of CRM-based Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) for the global staffing industry, announced today that it will participate as an exhibitor at the Healthcare Staffing Summit conducted by the Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) from September 8th to 10th at Sheraton Dallas Hotel in Dallas, TX.

This conference will cover topics such as healthcare workforce and staffing management solutions. There will also be a focus at the conference on how the industry is evolving and growing, and how this is affecting the workforce and the companies that use this resource alike.

At the Healthcare Staffing Summit, TargetRecruit will be showcasing its industry leading applicant tracking system and key integrations that help speed up the recruitment of talent in the healthcare industry. Key TargetRecruit integrations include job skills assessments, background screening, job broadcasting, and electronic signatures.

For example, the company has integrated with Prophecy Healthcare online assessments solution using open API tools into the TargetRecruit platform. This integration simplifies the assessment process for recruiting and staffing companies that place a priority on providing qualified healthcare employees for their clients. This is an important feature for the healthcare staffing industry, where credentials and clinical assessment management is critical in the hiring process.

TargetRecruits integration with Prophecy Healthcare provides:

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