Plus Technologies Becomes Vendor for Ricoh M

Dayton, OH (PRWEB) October 21, 2014

The Mexican division of the Ricoh corporation, a global information and technology company specializing in managed document solutions, has signed with Plus Technologies to use OM Plus Fleet Manager.

OM Plus Fleet Manager is a tool within the OM Plus software suite that helps users and managed print service providers administer an organization’s print and multi-function/copy devices. OM Plus gathers real time data such as page counts, color vs. mono prints, copies, scans, faxes, errors, device health, toner levels, and much more. Fleet Manager then parses the data, analyzes it, notifies users, and generates reports.

Ricoh M

Speak and Speak Fish Oil at AutismWeb

Speak Fish Oil and Comments

Has anyone used the SPEAK supplement? It’s Omega-3 with vitamins E and K. I’ve read some great reviews and some scary ones…it was recommended by our DAN! doc. My son is verbal, but has conversational struggles and difficulty with comprehension. Thanks!!

I have tried it. It tastes pretty good for fish oil. A slightly sweet taste to it. It is the only supplement that my DS will take willingly and does actually like it! Not sure it does anything great though. It just fish oil, and that doesn’t do much for us. Wish it did more like language and such, but what can ya do….

Just curious what bad reviews have you seen?

I am also curious to find out about scary reviews of SPEAK. It is a good fish oil supplement. Although I would avoid vitamin K, which promotes blood coagaluation (ASD kids need thinner blood to encourage better circulation) and may cause hyperactivity. You can pretty much create your own SPEAK by supplementing cod liver oil and vitamin E in the form of mixed tocopherols. The brands that we use are Nordic Naturals for CLO and Carlson for E. They really don’t do much for us, but my wife swears that, in her own observation, SPEAK works (I am on the fence, we tend to have different opinions about what works). SPEAK is also more convineint to take because 2 capsules provide a daily norm of Omega 3 and E.

Never tried SPEAK, but just on Vitamin E – saw this study on absorption. Here cereal fortified with Vitamin E worked best rather than taking Vitamin E pills. We only supplement with food, but maybe need more specific foods.

It helps my child with speech, cognition and even balance/coordination. I don’t really know why it makes such difference – perhaps she needs the blood thinners, perhaps it’s the anti-inflammatory effect of fish oil or the antioxidant properties of vit E or maybe the synergistic effect of the three. I have avoided it for several years because of the bad reviews and only got the courage to try it out when a fellow mom recommended it (since she is someone I know and trust).

Please note I have researched both the product and the company and I have found many many reasons to avoid it – there is not enough scientific based proof/explanation of why and how it works, the company is shady and has used questionable marketing techniques (nothing similar companies haven’t done but still). That being said, for my kid it’s hands down one of the best supplement I have tried. Go figure.

For more about Speak Fish Oil click here.

Homeopathic medicine

Homeopathic medicine was founded by a German physician in the early 19th century. IT has three principles that it goes by, The law of similar, the principle of the single remedy, and the priciole of the minimum dose. It goes by the idea that the body can cure itself.  The practitioners that use this practice use very little of an active ingredient for treatment. This can be in pills or liquid mixtures.  They are normally very diluted or potentiated substances. People have used this method to also maintain health and treat long term illnesses as well.  IT is used to treat minor injuries like cuts and scrapes, and muscle strain and pain. It is also used for dermatitis, arthritis, and irritable bowel syndrome.  It is regulated by the United States and is considered to be safe. Homeopathic medicine has helped many people get the results that are needed without the harmful effects of other medications.

Mike Michaud, Toronto-Area Author of “Billy Tabbs (& the Glorious Darrow),” Prepares for November Release and 7-City Book Tour

Pasadena, CA (PRWEB) October 20, 2014

A youthful vagrant, Billy Tabbs has been living in the streets for as long as he can remember, scratching out a pitiable existence in a city that doesn’t much care if he lives or dies. Amidst rumors that his kind are disappearing from the alleyways and the overpasses, Billy is recruited into a bizarre homeless sect living in the underbelly of high society. It is here where he meets Darrow — the mysterious and volatile leader of an organization committed to escalating acts of civil disobedience, an organization meant to force the people of the city toward equal respect for all inhabitants of society.

Following a brazen public initiation, Billy is accepted into the group, soon becoming a valued member. However, as their movement gains popularity and their own numbers continue to swell, can they avoid becoming that which they’d originally set out to fight? Compounding this disturbing trend is the growing divide among their leadership, with their ideology ever teetering between violent and non-violent activism.

Equal parts harrowing, controversial, and humorous, “Billy Tabbs (& The Glorious Darrow)” explores decadence, homelessness, and the lack of compassion exhibited toward society’s most vulnerable demographics. Pre-release reviews show that there aren’t any books quite like “Billy Tabbs.” A Book Lover’s Corner calls it “A Wonderful Book”, and Library Grits says, “I think it will become one of ‘those’ books that everyone needs to read.” Actor/social activist Mariana Tosca writes that Billy Tabbs is “an engaging and crisply compelling parable for the 21st century,” while Joanna Harkin, Founder/Director: Alliance for Stray Animals and People, adds that “Tabbs” is “Riveting. Thought-provoking. I loved-loved-loved this book!” Advance community reviews can also be found on the books Goodreads page, where it currently holds a plus-four-star rating. The book is appropriate for ages 14 to adult, with different levels of nuance for all ages.Slated for release November 3, the book is available for pre-order on Amazon.

The author will begin his book tour on October 26 in Oakville, ON, CA. Other cities on his tour are St. Catharines, ON, London, ON, Ottawa, ON, Whistler, BC, Seattle, WA, and Portland, OR. Follow him on [Facebook or visit his website for full event details.

“Billy Tabbs” marks the first of Bitingduck Press’s 2014-2015 Young Adult theme, which aims to bring smart, incisive fiction and nonfiction to early teens and up. Founded in 2012 by two active scientists, the press’s editors are physicists, biologists, astronomers, and chemists who all love fiction from the realistic to the fantastic, from the scientific to the magical. The press distributes through all major e-distributors as well as distributing print through Small Press Distribution of Berkeley, CA. Authors interested in submitting manuscripts should follow the instructions on the press’s website.

Semiconductor Dust Enables Low Cost Solar Cells, LEDs

Winooski, VT (PRWEB) October 17, 2014

The U.S. Patent Office has issued US Patent No. 8,859,310 to Versatilis LLC that shows how fine semiconductor particles, powders or fines, often the waste byproduct of dicing semiconductor wafers into ever smaller chips, can be processed into a sea of low cost solar cells or micro-LEDs. A principal challenge in making such devices has always been forming the active layer, whether the light absorbing layer in a solar cell or the light-emitting layer in a LED. This has also been the most costly and capital-intensive part of the manufacturing process, since the active layer must be made to high standards of semiconductor crystal quality and uniformity. Leading solar cells, for example, use mono- or poly-crystalline silicon wafers, while LEDs use variants of Gallium Nitride (GaN) on expensive sapphire, Silicon Carbide or even GaN wafers. In many cases, these materials are thicker than needed, the added thickness lending structural support to the end device without adding to efficiency, but contributing to overall cost and weight of the structure.

Versatilis shows instead that the active layer can be made from semiconductor fines or powders of single crystal particles densely packed into a monolayer, in a configuration not unlike sandpaper one particle thick, and then further processed into active diode structures serving as solar cells, for example, or as LEDs. Such particles are readily available, often a byproduct of other processes or made inexpensively off-line, or sometimes chemically synthesized. Silicon fines, for example, are widely available, screened for a desired size distribution, as are CIGS and GaN particles, the latter chemically synthesized. And a small amount of such dust can go a long way; for example, a kilogram of one micron single crystal CIGS particles used as micro-solar cells can cover an area over 300 square meters, resulting in very low costs per unit area.

By levering cheap, ex-situ produced and optimized, single or polycrystalline powders and fines for Si, Ge, CIGS, GaN, ZnO as the starting raw material and wrapping unique processing techniques around that, we can produce highly functional opto-electronic devices with reduced infrastructure, processing, and material utilization cost, stated Ajay Jain, Versatilis CTO and inventor of the now patented technology.

The potential cost savings have led others to try using semiconductor particles in a variety of ways, however, none have proven commercially practical. A major challenge has been to lay down these particles quickly enough and as a monolayer. Similarly, researchers have shown basic functional devices with nanorods, nanowires and other semiconductor nanostructures in the lab, only to be stopped by a general lack of production ready manufacturing technology for nanoscale, including suitable tools for in-line process metrology and characterization.

In addition to processing semiconductor particles into useful devices, Versatilis has unique fluidics technology for rapidly depositing such particles as a monolayer, from nano to microscale, on wafers or in a continuous, high-speed web. It had licensed the technology to VersufleX Technologies (, who are beginning to sell benchtop process tools to R&D labs based on this technology. The process can tolerate reasonable variation in particle size and shape, and there are a variety of methods possible for orienting particles floating on the surface of a fluid medium.

This technology will not set performance records for efficiency in PV cells nor in lumens/watt for LEDs, but we believe there is no cheaper, more practical way to realize semiconductor diode based functionality over a large, flexible area, added George Powch, Company CEO, We think it can enable low cost Building Integrated Photovoltaics or rival OLEDs with a wholly inorganic large area micro-LED solution.

Versatilis LLC is a Vermont based technology and business development company, operating with partners around the world. It focuses on novel materials and processes for a variety of electro-optical devices, and extending the Versulite

The Advisory Circle – Everyday Electronics

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Digital Electronics Robot

Digital Electronics Robot

A finite state robot that moves forward until it hits an obstacle, then it stops, move backwards, turns left and continues to move forward. Parts: 2 x Switch…
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Boulder Tanning Salon Now Offers Red Light Therapy

Boulder, CO (PRWEB) October 14, 2014

Boulder Tanning salon Veranda Sun Tanning now offers Red Light Therapy treatments. Veranda Sun Tanning is the only tanning salon in Boulder, Colorado that offers Red Light Therapy.

Studies show that skin exposed to LED light wavelengths grows 150-200% faster. Therefore, as LED therapy improves the cosmetic appearance of skin, it also promotes the healing of wounds, scars and burns. This happens because skin has a high blood and water content, so it quickly absorbs red light to produce enough energy to cause a healing response from the body.

“We are excited to provide our clients with this service as we understand that surgical treatments can be costly and time invasive. This treatment is a non-invasive alternative that is cost effective and risk free. And the benefits extend well beyond skin rejuvenation”, says Hanna Decristofaro a representative from Veranda Sun Tanning.

Red light therapy is a noninvasive treatment that uses state of the art technology to help the body’s skin repair itself. It does this by using light wavelengths between 630 and 660 nanometers that are able to penetrate 8 to 10 millimeters into the skin in order to stimulate the cells responsible for collagen production. This system has helped with numerous injuries, as well as skin issues such as deep set wrinkles, and to help reduce appearance of acne. The treatment can be used on the full body through the use of beds that resemble tanning beds where customers can lay down and relax while the light generates healing.

Everyone develops skin issues as they get older, because their skin loses its elasticity, and the quality of the collagen decreases. When extensive sun or UV light exposure, or highly stressful situations occur, the quality diminishes at an even faster rate. There are plenty of products and services out there to help with these issues. The problem with most of those so called miracle cures is that they end up hurting the user in the long run. They can cause rashes and burns that can make the areas look worse than before. Most of them are invasive, too, and cause side effects and general discomfort. Many people have tried multiple suggestions and ended up wasting money. This light treatment has already been proven time and again that it works without creating any more harm to the body. Customers leave the facility feeling relaxed after going through a treatment.

NASA first came up with this technology to use for growing plants and healing wounds for those in space, but now it’s being used by people all over the world to get their skin back to being healthy and vibrant again. One of the main uses is to reduce wrinkles and fine lines so that it tightens and firms skin. One of the ways the light therapy is able to do this is by increasing blood circulation. When the light penetrates the skin, it relaxes the vessels allowing for easier blood flow. This brings in more oxygen and new skin cells are created, making it one of the main parts of the healing process that this therapy brings to its patients.

Reducing wrinkles isn’t the only skin healing benefit that this treatment brings. It can also be used to refine pore size, and to remove blemishes and redness from the face. Treatments are also used to fade age spots and hyper-pigmentation. When the light reaches the fibroblast cells, it energizes them to regenerate collagen and elastin. This is needed for healthier and youthful looking skin. When the skin is plump and toned, the sight of pores and redness stop being prevalent. This is also necessary for anti-aging, so the skin can heal from any harm done by the sun exposure, stress factors, and the usual wear and tear that aging brings to the skin.

The new skin cells and collagen reproduction also tightens and firms the skin. There are parts all over the body that may need to benefit from this. When it tightens the skin, it will also minimize cellulite scars and stretch marks that happen to almost everyone’s body as they age. This treatment is one of the best ways to get rid of what some would call the most stubborn of skin conditions. Lotions and electronic devices have been used to fix these problems, but they hardly work, and sometimes do more harm than good.

Depending on how much skin damage needs to be repaired, many treatments over a period of time may need to be done. There can be multiple sessions during the week for a certain amount of weeks that customers can discuss with their care provider. Commitment is needed by the customers for this treatment. This is to ensure that the healing process can occur between treatments, leaving the skin to grow to its full potential.

Results from these treatments will start to be seen about a few weeks after they have started. Once the treatments are done, upkeep treatments may be needed to make sure any recent damage doesn’t undo the healing process that has already progressed. If the customer maintains these appointments, then they will be able to spend less time and money on beauty products that are used for covering up the spots on the skin that are damaged or need to be hidden to create an even look. This is great for customers, because they not only save money, but also keep their skin away from old build up that these products cause. This new treatment offers many amazing benefits that include not only beautiful skin, but healthy skin. Removing decades of damage that is the best way for anyone to look and feel their best.

Veranda Sun was established in 1983 making them the first tanning salon in Boulder. Since their formation theyve grown with the Boulder community and their salon has been constantly updated to provide their clients with a top of the line tanning experience. Today, they offer their clients 7 different levels of tanning beds as well as a variety of sunless options. Their salon has more tanning beds than any other salon in Boulder. In total, they have 19 beds to provide the best possible bronzing results. Their lamps are always new, their staff is always friendly and informed, and their number one priority is giving their clients the best possible tanning experience from the moment the client walks through the door.

For more info visit their website:

Studio Electronics Omega Code 8 Polyphonic demo – Arp 2600 and CS80 filters

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Brady Brand Protection Announces Partnership with Element Case

Milwaukee, WI (PRWEB) September 25, 2014

Brady (NYSE:BRC), a leading provider of integrated brand protection solutions, today announced that its Brand Protection business has created a customized product authentication system to protect Element Case high-end smart phone and tablet accessories from counterfeiting.

The solution features complex, securely designed labels that can be scanned for authenticity by any smart phone equipped with a publicly available barcode-reading app. External labels on product packaging are matched with internal labels inside the products frame, providing instant digital authentication. Brady integrated HPs Global Product Authentication Service (GPAS) into the solution, allowing Element Case customers and supply chain partners to instantly validate if a product is genuine.

Responding to Counterfeiting

Element Case is the premier boutique manufacturer of luxury accessories for smart phones and tablets. As an iconic pop culture brand, the company has encountered unprecedented levels of counterfeiting from international markets. In order to eliminate these counterfeits and provide its discerning customers full protection against copycat products, the company has tapped into Bradys latest product authentication technologies.

In addition to this new anti-counterfeiting solution, Element Case has registered its trademarks globally, aggressively pursued infringers, and employed a team dedicated to finding and shutting down counterfeiters. Bradys brand protection business provides the perfect complement to these internal resources for the brand.

The Brady Difference

After exhaustive research, the HP GPAS platform that Brady offers with its labeling solutions was selected as the most appropriate digital authentication tool for Element Case. It offers cloud-based brand protection for consumers and supply chain partners to instantly verify the authenticity of products using smart phones. It also provides Element Case with supply chain tracking and real-time analytics driven by a customizable business rules engine.

Brady was honest and pragmatic about the capabilities and limitations of an authentication system and was flexible in meeting the needs of our company and products, says Jeff Sasaki, founder and CEO of Element Case. They were unique in their approach, gaining an in-depth understanding of our brand and our supply chain first, before coming up with a custom solution that fully addresses our specific needs.

Were excited to help Element Case create the complete brand experience through our physical and digital labeling solutions. With these tools, customers can scan and register the products they buy, enabling them to further be a part of the Element Case culture. In addition, the company will be able to realize reduced counterfeiting problems and increased sales, says Dennis Polinski, global product manager, brand protection solutions for Brady.

Partnering with Element Case not only gives us the opportunity to assist in their stand against counterfeiting it allows us to support a superior brand that brings consumers a unique, aesthetic product known for its durability, adds Polinski.

For more information:

To learn more about Bradys brand protection solutions, visit

For more information on Element Case, visit

About Element Case

Element case is the pioneer lifestyle brand providing ultra-premium accessories for mobile devices. Rare and exclusive, owning an Element Case product signifies a desire to accessorize as best in class. Nothing compares to the high quality and innovative designs of a genuine Element Case product.

About Brady Corporation: